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Many people ask  " Why should we have our heat pump cleaned, we clean the filters ourselves ? "

Have you read the fine print in your warranty ? It generally reads like this:

" The warranty does not cover problems caused by dirty air filters, air flow obstruction in the indoor and outdoor unit section of the product. Leaves ,dirt or foreign objects blocking vents and coils, blocked condensate drains causing water to leak from the product. Regular checks for clearance of obstructions or foreign matter are the owners responsibility."

This is much more than a filter clean !


Benefits of Cleaning Mini Split Heat Pumps

Save Power

Breathe Clean
professional cleaning can save 10% - 30% between the energy consumption of a well maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one.
A dirty coil means the unit has to work harder to heat and cool the air. There is much less clean surface area for the heat or cold to be transferred to the air passing over it.
If the barrel fan which moves the air is covered in dirt and grime air velocity decreases dramatically. This in turn causes you to raise or lower the thermostat in order to get the level of comfort you desire. The result is higher power consumption. When Breathe Clean cleans your barrel fan it normally doubles the volume of air being heated or cooled. This greatly reduces wear on the fan motor.

Microbial Contamination

Contaminated heat pumps have the potential to trigger asthma attacks, allergic reactions and promote flu like symptoms. A study published by McGill University scientist found that disinfecting air conditioning coils reduced overall sickness by 20%, reduced respiratory symptoms by 40% and has resulted in a 99% reduction of microbial and endotoxin concentrations on surfaces within the air conditioning system.( McGill University 2005)
All heat pumps, after regular use, become restricted by microbial contamination.This contamination includes fungi, mould and dust mites. These become constantly airborne every time you switch on your heat pump.

Cleaning your filters will not prevent the creation or re-circulation of these contaminants.
Breathe Clean will disassemble, clean, sanitize and protect your heat pump from contamination.

Avoid Expensive Mini Split Repairs and Replacement

Leaving heat pumps in a dirty condition will lead to mechanical problems and ultimately complete failure. Additionally the unit is prone to overheating as the evaporator coils(indoor unit) are unable to dissipate heat effectively. Elevated system temperature and pressure may lead to the breakdown of the compressor's lubricant. In addition, acid formation can occur, leading to acid burnout. Lubricant breakdown and acid formation seriously compromise the compressor(outdoor unit) and ultimately lead to equipment failure.