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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Is the coil cleaner you use safe for my home and family?

A. Using safe cleaning products was paramount to our family when we created Breathe Clean. To ensure this we had our own proprietary cleaner designed and manufactured exclusively for Breathe Clean. Our coil cleaner is EcoLogo Certified - Sustainable - Hypoallergenic - Non Scented- Biodegradable and Meets Environmental Choice Criteria CCD-146.

Q. Why isn't my heat pump blowing as hard as it used to ?

A. In most cases your heat pump is probably very dirty and therefore the air-flow is inhibited. Once the barrel fan has been properly cleaned the air flow will generally double. The barrel fan has up to 400 small fan blades on it. Once the lead edge of each blade gets a buildup of dirt and mold attached it simply becomes inefficient. Disassembly and cleaning of the fan by Breathe Clean will eliminate this problem.

Q. Why does my heat pump rattle when I turn it on ?

A. Usually this is due to the blower fan (drum) being out of balance. A buildup of contaminants on a drum will cause this over time. A servicing by Breathe Clean will cure this problem.

Q. Why does my heat pump smell when I turn it on ?

A. A smelly heat pump is a dirty one. A really bad odour can be caused by bacteria or fungi growing in the condensate tray and drain. This will need to be flushed with an antibacterial wash. Breathe Clean professional sanitizing will fix this problem.

Q. Why does our power consumption seem to be getting higher ?

A. The coil is probably dirty and becoming blocked, especially if it has never been cleaned. This causes the unit to work a lot harder. Often you will increase the temperature and fan speed to compensate and this leads to higher energy consumption and "higher bills". A Breathe Clean service will fix this.

Q. Why do my allergies seem to be worse indoors?

A. Heat pumps do not bring fresh air into the home. They simply recirculate air from inside the building in which they are installed. The unit is free to draw in dust, hair, pollen, bacteria, mold and other allergy triggers. Without regular cleaning the heat pump will simply blow these back into your room triggering you allergic response. Servicing by Breathe Clean with help prevent this.

Q. Why does my heat pump drip in cooling mode?

A. When your heat pump blows cold air it causes water to form on the internal coil which drips into a condensate tray. This is normally automatically drained outside. If the drain pipe is blocked by dust, bacteria and mold, the water will back flow up the drain and over flow down your wall. Breathe Clean will clean the drain pipe to prevent this from occurring.

Q. How often should Mini Splits be cleaned ?

A. A yearly servicing by Breathe Clean will ensure environmentally safe and energy efficient operation.

Q. Will cleaning the outside coil in below freezing condition cause ice up problems?

A. Any remaining moisture will be cleared by the normal defrost mode which is automatic on the outside coil. As you know in Nova Scotia we often go from a rain / fog condition to freezing within hours. That is why the automatic defrost mode is part of your system. Basically in the defrost mode the inverter will periodically go from heat mode to air conditioning mode. This causes the outside condenser to become warm and defrosts the moisture from the coil. At Breathe Clean we have never had a problem with the outside unit freezing up after service call.

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